Amazing Health Benefits In A Glass Of Lassi

Amazing Health Benefits In A Glass Of Lassi

Lassi is a traditional Indian drink which is very famous among-st the North-Indians. It is made from curd and a tad bit of water. There are no hard and fast rules for it’s preparation, it can be sweet or salty. People also like adding various other spices in lassi such as cumin seeds powder, black pepper, pudina (mint) powder etc. Nowadays, flavored lassi is a very famous thing, people enjoy mango lassi, strawberry lassi and many other flavors. A meal is usually incomplete without a glass of this refreshing drink in Punjabi families, it’s not just a drink but an emotion among-st us Punjabis 😛

This good old drink is not only delicious but it serves numerous health benefits too. As the main ingredient used in lassi is curd, it is very rich in protein and is full of good bacteria that speeds up your digestion which is why it is usually served with or after a meal. The drink is very effective for curing away constipation and bloating in your bodies. The best part about lassi is that it increases your water intake as anyone would enjoy a flavorful drink over plain water. As water intake is increased, your metabolism also increases which keeps you active. Above all it helps you in alleviating heat. What’s better than getting home in this hot weather after a tired and exhausting day and having a glass of lassi? I know, refreshing right? ^_^

I am sure that after reading this article you must be craving for a glass of chilled lassi, then go make yourself one. It is a healthy and scummy drink that is going to satisfy your palate and health both, not very often right? 😉

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