Why Should You Avoid Cabbage During Monsoons ?

Why Should You Avoid Cabbage During Monsoons ?
Leafy veggies are known to be very nutritious but as known by everyone they are grown in a humid environment and mud, which makes them prone to germs. Consumption of leafy veggies in monsoon can lead to stomach infections as germs need moisture to pace up their growth, so what’s the better time than monsoon?
Green leafy vegetables are important for the body but don’t forget to wash and cook them properly before consumption. Soak them in warm water with some salt and turmeric before cooking.
One must avoid street food like momos, burgers and more which have leafy veggies in them during monsoon to avoid stomach infection. Being grown in moisture, it is natural for vegetables to lose their colour to some extend. Vendors know how to cure this, that is by injecting artificial colours in them.
These artificial colours weakens the intestine and leads to kidney dysfunctions.
So, keep these things in mind especially while buying leafy vegetables. Don’t forget to soak them in water and boil them before preparing any dish and avoid outside food during this season. 🙂
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