Weird food combinations that actually taste good

Weird food combinations that actually taste good

Who likes to eat routine food daily. There should be some change and today it is about experimenting with two contradicting food items. Excited to know? Keep going on.

Craving for something sweet but worried about calories? Try combining your chocolate or ice cream with avocado. Creamy avocados with creamy chocolate or ice-cream. Sound delicious!!

Sweet Ice-cream with a hint of salty taste. If you love experimenting with flavours, then you must give a try to this. Vanilla Ice-cream with soy sauce. A funky combination!

Want a delicious dressing for your sandwich? Have a dark chocolate and parmesan cheese, melt them together. The dressing is ready. Do you know? The cheese was actually invented to be paired with chocolate.

If you love pizza then this time try it with a twist. Say Hi! to Nutella pizza.

These are some weird food combination especially for those who love experimenting with flavours. Experiment. Surprise. Enjoy. Repeat.

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