Weed Beer - The Dopest Flavor To Beer

Weed Beer - The Dopest Flavor To Beer

Marijuana is an illegal drug in the market but it is very commonly consumed even though getting caught with it can cause a really big issue. Certain brewers have come up with this idea of launching marijuana infused beer known as weed beer because new and innovative ideas is the thing these days and, it is catching up a lot of attention.

Smoking marijuana is the most common way of consuming it but the trend is to eat the marijuana. People are looking for new and innovative ways to get their buzz on like, vaping is taking over smoking, eating is taking over smoking 😛 and that’s how the brewers have come up with the idea of infusing this psychoactive drug with beer as it will take more time to be digested and reach the brain which will keep one intoxicated for a longer time.

No alcohol is brewed in the weed beer, it is just infused with marijuana and the after effects are said to be the same as of the traditional beer. Several companies have tried to grab attention through this innovative beer but they all loose the psychoactive compound and just have the taste of marijuana but Keith villa’s weed beer have been talked about a lot because of lack of alcohol and just the psychoactive drug, marijuana infused in it.

Weed beer is said to hit the Indian market soon, as it is grabbing a lot of attention so, are you ready to get your buzz on with the dopest beer in town? 😉

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