Try These Variant Samosas And Surprise Yourself

Try These Variant Samosas And Surprise Yourself

Indians can have samosa over any snack. Its crisp and spices are the thing which makes anyone to have it again. But, have you thought of having it some other way. Excited to know how, then keep on reading.


Who don’t love cheese, right? Have one of your favourite cheese and mix it with some rosemary and coriander and with some chopped veggies if you want. Fill it in the samosa cone. YUMMY!!

Pick your chocolate. Put a few pieces in the pockets and fry them or bake them. Your are done. Enjoy your chocolaty pockets.


Scramble the eggs with some veggies & some spices to give it some taste. Fill the pockets with the fillings made and fry them.

What’s better than a cookie with centre-filled with jam. Fill some jam in the cone and then you are good to go. To make it look presentable, sprinkle some powdered sugar on them.


A treat for chicken lovers. Chop it mix it with some veggies and spices and fill it. If you want to add some creamy taste to it just go for some cheese.

These are a few types of samosa which you can make at home and give a treat to yourself. Whenever you feel like making something light and tasteful then must go for these samosas.

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