Tourist Janpath – One Stop For Global Street Food

Tourist Janpath – One Stop For Global Street Food

A paradise for travelers and foodies!
Tourist which is located in the heart of Delhi is a street food bar serving global street food.
This place is spread across 3 floors including a lovely rooftop.
The interiors of this place will make you feel as if you are ready to travel the different parts of the world.

Me with a group of friends visited this place for lunch on a Weekend.
As I visited this place on a cold day, hence we decided to hangout on the rooftop under the sun. The view was beautiful; you can see the whole CP while sitting on the top.
They have a long menu with variety of street foods from around the globe.

Virgin Mojito
Rim Jhim

I ordered Virgin Mojito, Rim Jhim & Cool Sensation in mocktails and they all were good. I personally loved Rim Jhim, Cool Sensation & in cocktails FYI which was served in a beautiful glass. It was a vodka based cocktail with some fresh lime.

In starters, we had Sarafa Kees, Pizza Al Taigio & PTC (non veg).
The Sarafa kees is a famous street food from Indore which they served with Paneer Tikka & corn kees.

Pizza Al Taigio was fine; but I will say this is not one of the best places to have pizza. PTC the patiala tikka chicken was very spicy, so will work well for the people who love spicy starters.

PTC- Patiala Chicken Tikkas

I didn’t try the main course and jumped on to the desserts.

They insisted me to try Choco Paan Shots, which were the gol gappas served in form of desserts.  I liked the concept of chocolate golgappas with paan shots. They actually tasted good together.
Then we ordered Death by Eclairs & Boston Cream Waffles.
The food in all was fine with a good service & great ambience! The food was fairly priced and wide range of drinks were available at a good price. Their most of the drinks are really good.

Chocolate Gol Gappa With Paan Shots


  1. Rim Jhim
  2. Cool Sensation
  3. FYI
  4. PTC: Patial Tikkas of Chicken
  5. Sarafa Kees with Paneer Tikka
  6. Death by Eclairs
  7. Choco Paan Shots
FYI – Cocktail

RATINGS: 4.5/5

  1. Ambiance: 5/5
  2. Service: 4.5/5
  3. Food: 4/0


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