5 Food Myths That We Still Confide In

5 Food Myths That We Still Confide In

Did you know half of the information that you get from around like, your family members, friends and media are based on ancient myths that have been passed on by one generation to another. The maximum number of myths have been in found in food and superstitions and surprisingly they still persist. Were you ever told that eating fats will make you fatter? Well, that’s a myth, a very old myth, which still persists. Below are the top 5 food myths that we still confide in.

Food containing fats will make you fat. 

There are so many food items like olive oil, ghee, cheese, whole eggs etc. that have fat which gives us a boost of energy yet some people are scared to eat them as they think it is going to make them gain weight which is nothing but a myth. Anything in excess is bad but, our body needs healthy fats to keep us satisfied and to keep our metabolism intact. By consuming more of healthy fats and less of unhealthy carbohydrates, we help our body maintain the blood sugar levels which keeps us satiate and energetic.

Consuming whey protein makes women bulkier. 

​When you talk to any nutritionist or dietitian the first thing they tell you to do is to increase your protein intake and decrease the intake of carbohydrates. This is because proteins helps us in managing weight and keeping our bodies healthy. Whey protein is made up of the watery substance on our yogurt which you usually pour down the sink. Yes, protein shakes do add up to your kilos if you mix it up with milk as milk contains a certain amount of carbohydrates and sugar but when it is consumed with water, no extra kilos are added, it instead helps you in strengthening your bones and providing you leaner muscles. Women do not have the hormones that promote muscle growth so don’t hesitate, make yourself a protein shake, you have to keep your body healthy from the inside out.

Liquid diet helps you shed those kilos. 

Going on a liquid diet is so so trendy these days. They say that liquid diets can help you get a flat tummy and shed all those extra kilos, which is nothing but a big big myth. When you are consuming nothing but liquids, you don’t get all the nutrients that your body requires which makes you weak from the inside and leaves you feeling cranky and irritated half of the time as you don’t get the energy from the carbs and fats that your body requires. Also the results from following such a diet will never last long and you will gain all those kilos as soon as you have a meal. So forget about all these shortcuts for a healthy body instead, take up effective formulas by consuming all the healthy stuff and proper meals.

Organic food is healthier. 

 ​If it’s expensive, it’s better, a myth created by the high class people of our society. A study comparing the organic and non-organic food revealed that there is no big difference between both of them, there are no extra nutrients found in the food belonging to the organic community yet people pay high prices for them. Don’t obsess over premium quality products, just eat your food, make sure you wash your fruits and veggies thoroughly though. 😛

Brown sugar is better for your health. 

Substituting white sugar with brown sugar is no healthier. It’s again a myth that has been believed since a long time. The only difference between them is the taste, as brown sugar is made up of jaggery. Jaggery also increase our blood sugar levels to an extent and hence causes diabetes and obesity.

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