This Place In Delhi Serves 500 Varieties Of Omelettes!

This Place In Delhi Serves 500 Varieties Of Omelettes!

EGSS are the easiest to make, who wouldn’t love them?

Get off at KESHAV PURAM METRO STATION and head straight towards RAHUL EGGS CORNER, a place for all egg enthusiasts!

The seating place available there is limited yet they take car orders as well. Convenient, right? Also, if you are planning to visit the place, do visit it after 2 P.M as they start with it that time and they take orders till 10 P.M.

Coming up on their menu, it’s a 4 page long pamphlet to be precise. They have an astonishingly diversified one. They start with MANACO’S, then JALANDARI and the list goes on till the FRENCH OMELETTES and CHINESE OMELETTES. They also serve various varieties of FAT FREE OMELETTES!

One of their very famous omelette is JALANDARI CHICKEN OMELETTE. Sounds interesting? Trust us, it tastes delicious too! This is a basic extra buttered omelette which is stuffed with grilled chicken tikka, topped with huge quantity of cheese, mayonnaise and tomato gravy. We also tried PASTA OMELETTE which is a fusion of pasta and eggs. They add boiled pasta to a regular omelette and it tasted fine.GARLIC BREAD OMELETTE is another delicacy that we tried and loved it too! The BUTTER CHICKEN OMELlETE was yet again our favourite one. The utterly heavy and yummy omelette is dipped in lovely butter chicken gravy and served on your table, piping hot.As interesting as the names are of the various types of omelettes they serve, they are totally irresistible and equivalent to heaven for all egg lovers.


SO what are you waiting for? Head towards RAHUL EGG CORNER and get ready to have a tantalizing experience while you try their most loved omelettes!

Cost for two: Rs. 400

Jalandari Chicken Omelette: Rs. 110

Pasta Omelette: Rs. 90

Garlic Bread Omelette: Rs. 140

Butter Chicken Omelette: Rs. 190

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