The Darzi Bar & Kitchen – Experience The Tailor Made Food & Beverages

The Darzi Bar & Kitchen – Experience The Tailor Made Food & Beverages
Cheesy Spinach Mushroom, Khandhari Paneer Tikka, Darzi Mutton, Master Ji ki Dal & Kofta Methi Mala with Cheese Naan

The Darzi Bar & Kitchen is a conceptualized restaurant centered around Tailor Made experience. The restaurant is on the first floor which has an entrance from a trail room. The place is spread across the 2 floors, with the bar on both the floors.

The designing of this stylish and sophisticated lounge is entirely tailor made. You will see Sewing Machines, Scissors, Threads used in a very artistic manner to cover the walls.

The ambiance here is comfortable & cosy where you can spend hours chatting with your friends while enjoying over some drinks & food. There’s also a stage, that can be used for a live music night.

Tailor Made Experience

The menu of the restaurant has a lavish selection of Indian Fusion and European Cuisine. It has been divided in two sections named “Chotta” and “Thoda Bada” which has starters & main course respectively.

Aloo Khubani Ki Tikki

In starters we tried Aloo Khubani Ki Tikki, Khandhari Paneer Tikka, Cheesy Spinach Mushroom, Bagdi Lamb Chop & Thai Tandoori Chicken accompanied with Mocktails.

Their crisp Aloo Khubani Ki Tikki served with chutney & papad was delectable. Everything together was very flavorful.
Just appreciated the first burst of the flavors!

The lovely Khandhari Paneer Tikka is a must try dish. The paneer was marinated in Pomegranate and Beetroot juice to give a lovely a reddish color. I loved the beautiful color of this dish.

Try Bagdi Lamb Chop which were cooked perfectly but were little spicy.
It would have tasted much better if would have served with some simple sauce.

The Thai Tandoori Chicken tasted good but had no such Thai flavors, couldn’t find the reason that why they called it ‘Thai Tandoori Chicken’. It was just like any other good Tandoori chicken.
The Cheesy Spinach Mushroom loaded with cheese and a crispy base was just delectable.

Tandoori Thai Chicken

In mains, try Master Ji ki Dal, Kerala Fish Curry, Kohlapuri Veg Cannelloni and Kofta Methi Malai.

Master Ji Ki Dal was little high on salt but very delicious. It was perfectly cooked, thick with right amount of cream. Then I tried the sweet creamy gravy of the Kofta Methi Malai which was just made to perfection! Try it with the lovely cheese naans they serve.

The other dishes to try out are Darzi Mutton Curry & Chicken Saag Pizza.

Scrumptious Food Spread
Veg Kohlapuri Cannelloni

The Veg Kohlapuri Cannelloni was a fusion dish, kind of Indianised Pasta which was just appealing to the eyes. It didn’t taste extraordinary.

The Kerala Fish Curry with a lovely tomato based curry is a not to be missed!
It was prepared with coffee beans which was giving it a very unique taste.

Gajrela (Gajar ki Barfi) with Wasabi Panjiri

For desserts we tried, Gajrela Mini Pies with a Wasabi Panjiri, which was a tart filled with gajar halwa topped with condensed milk and the panjiri. The combination of wasabi & panjiri didn’t go well together.


1. Aloo Khubani Ki Tikki
2. Khandhari Paneer Tikka
3. Cheesy Spinach Mushroom
4. Master Ji ki Dal
5. Kerala Fish Curry
6. Kofta Methi Malai


1. Ambiance: 4/5
2. Service: 4.5/5
3. Food: 4/5


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