Thandai – How To Make This Festival Drink

Thandai – How To Make This Festival Drink

Copy Writer- Vansh Digani : Put a tipsy twist to your festival by choosing a Holi-perfect concoction. So, if you haven’t tried ‘Thandai’ during a vibrant Holi celebration yet, you must now. The tradition of thandai is particularly prevalent in North India and Banaras is called the hub for this drink.

Thandai is a refreshing and healthful drink which is savoured in the midst of the play of colours when people become a little exhausted. And you can make this delicious ‘Thandai’ in just 30mins at home.

Recipe Of Thandai

TIME– 30 mins


Milk- 1/2 litre
Sugar- 1.5 tsp
Saffron- 7 strands
Rose Water- 2 drops (optional)
20 Almonds
Poppy seeds (khas khas)- 1 tsp
Fennel seeds (saunf)- 1tsp
Cardamom powder (elaichi)- 1/4 tsp
10 Peppercorns
2-3 Pistachios

**If you’re making Bhaang-Thandai**
Use the above ingredients except saffron.
And instead use 15 Cannabis leaves (bhaang)


1. Take almonds, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, cardamom powder and peppercorns and soak it in water for 30 mins. In the mean time, boil milk.
2. Cool down milk and add sugar. Take a tbsp of warm milk and soak saffron in it. Add a tsp of this mixture to the milk.
3. Peel the almond skin and grind it along poppy seeds, fennel seeds, cardamom powder and peppercorns to make a paste.
4. Add the mixture to milk. Mix it well and set aside for 15 mins, then strain it.
5. Discard the residue. Add remaining saffron milk (step 2) to the strained almond milk. Add 2 drops of Rose water
6. Refrigerate it for an hour.
7. Add crushed pistachio and saffron. You can even add dried Rose petals. Serve it chilled.

Recipe Of Thandai

*** For bhaang-thandai Just add cannabis in step 3 along with other ingredients. Drink it at your own risk***

*Give a little resting time after the spice mixture is added to get blended well with Milk.
*Rose water is optional but adds great flavor to the drink.

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