Tea Traditions Around the world

Tea Traditions Around the world

Tea is loved by everyone around the world and every state have a different way of having tea. If you are a heart-core chai-lover and want to experience tea traditions around the world, then get ready to update your bucket list.

If anyone out here is a routine tea drinker then Morocco is the place to visit. Here, guests are served three times a day and the taste will differ each time. The tea is a mix of mint leaves, green tea leaves and a good amount of sweetness. You will be served with this tea in slim glasses. Refusing the beverage is considered to be rude here. So..be polite. 🙂

They make their tea in a similarly way as ours but instead of milk they add condensed milk to it and this is what makes the tea unique in the crowd. The brewers pours the “pulled tea” back and forth in the glasses to cool it down. Watching it will be a treat to your eyes.

Mostly people are going with lemon or milk for their tea, but Tibet have their own style of making it. They go with some salty butter. A brick of Pemagul Black tea, with some milk, salt and yak butter is stired and boiled together.

In Zavarka, Loose-leaf tea concentrate is brewed in a metal vessel, samovar. It is served in large mugs and then water is added as per customers desire.

Taiwanese bubble tea is a high calorie iced tea and bubbles here are small balls of starchy grains. Served with loads of ice cubes. Chilled!!

Tea was introduced in England in mid-1600s till then there was no such thing as afternoon tea. Few years later people started having tea in the afternoons with cookies, sandwiches and such things while gossiping. From then on tea gardens were introduced as a meeting point for ladies to enjoy their afternoon tea.

These are some of the tea traditions which are followed around the world. So this might be a point to be added in the Chai-lovers bucket list. Cheers!

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