Some Mind Blowing Onion Hacks

Some Mind Blowing Onion Hacks

Onions one of the most versatile and staple ingredient especially for Indian dishes, have some other uses too.
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Tired of using anti-pimple creams and all that stuff? Then go for some natural treatments. Mix some crushed onions with a little bit of water and apply it to the affected area.

Have a get together tonight and your grill or barbeque left with stains. Don’t stress. Onions are your saviors today. Have a piece of it on a fork and just rub your grill or barbeque with it and poof! Stains are gone.

Love Avocados but worried about them getting brown? Relax, just place a slice of onion with your avocados in a storage and then you are good to go. Now, no need to worry about them if left them half.

This hack is a life saver for the first timers. If you have burnt the rice and want to get rid of the smell. Just place half of an onion beside the stove and it will soak way the smell. Your are safe now 😉

Onions are having some medicinal properties too. They can help in soothing a burn just rub a slice of it on the effected area and will prevent your wound from getting infected too.

These are some out of the box uses of an onion. If you messed any kitchen situation, have pimple issues or panic about any injury, then you know what to do. 🙂

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