Say No To Smoking By Following These Remedies

Say No To Smoking By Following These Remedies

Smoking is not just bad for the smoker but also for the people near them. Many of the people want to quit smoking but due to some or the other reasons they can’t.
Home remedies are the most trusted methods anyone can go for. If you want to quit smoking then just try these home remedies.

Whenever you feel like smoking just have a glass or two of water. Yes, you heard it right. Water acts as a detoxifier and having 8-10 glasses of water daily will boost up the immune system.

When a person who is habitual to smoking doesn’t smoke for a long time then he/she starts having restlessness or anxiety. So, to stop these symptoms, try valerian roots. Make its tea and notice the change in your habit.

Mulethi is a perfect substitute for cigarette. If you urge for smoking then chew a piece of it and drink its tea regularly.

Extract some juice from a radish, mix it with some honey and start consuming it on daily basis. Radish calms down the acidity in the body caused by regular smoking.

Oats are the another good way to quit smoking. Soak 2 tbsp of oats in the water, boil it and leave it for a night. The very next day, heat the oats and drink that water. Oats help to reduce the urge of smoking.

These are some home remedies which you can trust blindly. They are a natural way so they will take some time but they will surely work. Try these remedies and say a perfect goodbye to smoking.

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