Recipe Of Parfait: A Fancy Healthy Dessert For Your Breakfast

Recipe Of Parfait: A Fancy Healthy Dessert For Your Breakfast

Parfait is a healthy yet delicious dessert from France. You can add this cold dessert in your daily breakfast for the summers.
With layers of fruits, oats/muesli,  yogurt and dry fruits, Parfaits make great breakfasts and an eye candy too. 10-15 minutes is all you need to make this delicious dessert.


1. 12-15 Grapes cut into half
2. 1 Orange, each piece divided into three parts
3. 8-7 sliced Strawberries
4. 1 sliced Kiwi
5. 2 tsp Sugar
6. Special K by Kellog’s
7. Chopped Almonds
8. 1 Cup Hung Curd

Parfait – Dessert


1. Make one layer of kiwi, if you do not have kiwi, use grapes into the bottom each of the glass.
2. Then add a layer of oranges & strawberries, followed by 2 tsps of Special K in each of the glass.
3. To make strawberry sauce, take a pan add 5-6 pieces of strawberries, water & 2 tsps of sugar.
4. Turn off the stove to allow the sauce to cool down a little, before adding to the Parfait.
5. Now, add the layer of hung curd in each glass.
6. Garnish it with strawberry sauce & top it with chopped almonds.

You can add fruits according to your taste & flavors. Fruits like blueberry, apple, banana or raisins can be also be added.

Breakfast Is Ready

I hope you are enjoying your breakfast. Do share the feedback.

Happy Cooking:)

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