Places Serving Delicious Brunch In The City

Places Serving Delicious Brunch In The City
Not a morning person ? Then just continue reading. Here are some of the best places serving the most classic brunches in Delhi.
Diggin’, Anand Lok

This place is opposite Gargi College and has a really impressive interiors. They have a number of delicious items which can make anyone feel like staying there forever.
Smoke House Deli, Hauz Khas Village
Lakeside View, a best spot for any restaurant. Enjoying a meal while enjoying such a view can make anyone happy. If you want to have some time with yourself just head to this place.
Café Delhi Heights

Eat. Play. Relax. Here one can spend their entire day in the best possible way. These kinda places introduce you to new people and make new friends.
Café Tonino, Connaught Place
Unlike the hustle in Connaught Place this café is located at a quiet corner, in the middle circle and is still  unknown to most people. If you are someone who loves Italian food then this spot is for you.
Jugmug Thela, Champa Gali, Saket

Champa Gali is still a hidden gem in Delhi and is worth visiting. It has crafty lanes and this thela is loacted in one of these lanes. Pay a visit to this place and make your day memorable.
Fio Cookhouse & Bar, Nehru Place
Open café, light music playing around and having their famous pizza is all you need. All this is enough to bring you back here again and again.
Ama Café, Majnu Ka Tila

Best and affordable place to satisfy your palate. If you’re a person who is concerned for food as well as your pocket then this is the place for you.
Coast Café, Hauz Khas Village
This sunlit restaurant is located in the beginning of  Hauz Khas. A stop for non-veg lovers, you just can’t miss their mutton sukka.
These are some of places in Delhi with delicious brunch and a perfect ambince. So, head to these places and spend your day in the best way. Cheers!

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