New Chawla Chicken: Paradise For Chicken Lovers

New Chawla Chicken: Paradise For Chicken Lovers

New Chawla chicken located in tilak nagar is a paradise for any chicken lover. They have an array of chicken delicacies which will make anyone drool over them. Their menu is focused on variety of chicken delights to give any chicken lover a moment of bliss. They serve around 75 types of chicken dishes. Believe!

The restaurant has a sheikh and classic décor which is very well suited for any get together. The place is spacious, and has a fine-dining.

Our favorites were Pishori chicken tikka, Cheesy kebab rolls, Butter chicken and Chili chicken. The pishori chicken tikka is full of indian spices and is a burst of flavors in the mouth. Butter chicken has a thick creamy gravy and well-cooked chicken pieces which when paired up with naan is joyous. Chilli chicken is a perfect dish for any Chinese lover. The chicken in it is crunchy on the outside and tender inside. Cheesy kebab rolls are scummy as well. Stuffed with mouthwatering and soft juicy kebas topped with some onions, mint chutney mayonnaise and a lot of cheese is something any non-veg lover can’t miss on.

So, head towards new Chawla chicken in tilak nagar to give your tummy a moment of merriment.


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