Must Know facts about Artificial Sweeteners

Must Know facts about Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners means synthetic substance (acesulfame potassium(ace k), aspartame (APM), glycerol and many more) which people are using without being much aware. Such things are banned in several countries but still are used somehwhere. Here are the reasons why they must be avoided.

They are 100% artificial
If anyone thinks that these sweeteners have atleast a little ratio of natural ingredients in them, then you are mistaken here. They are completely made from synthetic substances which are harmful for our digestive system.

They are toxic to health
Don’t trust them by their taste, they are dangerous for your health. They can cause carcinogenic side effects which can cause cancer.

Make Metabolism Weak
Consuming artificial sweeteners can unbalance insulin level and glucagon, which can result in overeating.

Avoid during Pregnancy
It is suggested to avoid such things during pregnancy, as they can cause preterm delivery, which is not good for baby and mother as well.

Lead to weight gain
It attacks your gut bacteria and will gradually result in gaining weight.

Weakens the Immune System
Consuming these synthetic sweeteners can cause type 2 diabetes & metabolic disorders or in severe cases it can lead to chronic kidney diseases and neurological issues. Affect neurons in brains and can damage its cerebellum.

Increase sugar cravings
These synthetic products can pace up your sugar cravings instead of decreasing it.

These are a few reason why you must avoid artificial sweeteners. If you ever feel any of these things happening to you, then just switch to naturals. Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. 🙂

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