Masala Library: A More Of An Experience Than Just Food

Masala Library: A More Of An Experience Than Just Food

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra located in Delhi is one of the finest place in Delhi to dine-in. The high ceiling, beautiful chandelier, simple sitting and double-storey glass facade all gives it a corporate & royal look. This one was in my wish list from a long time and I finally I got the opportunity to cover it recently.

Coming to food, tried their Chef’s Tasting Menu paired with wine. Their nineteen-course menu includes starters to main course and to desserts. The starters & snacks are bite-sized. Started with started with an amuse Bouche looked like Eggs, which had coconut and mango mix, it just popped with a lot of flavors once gulped. Now, here are few from the list of 19-course meal;

Deconstructed Samosa: Unlike other samosas it looked really different but the tasted a bit lie samosas, spicy & tangy.

Madur Vada: It was served with rasam & a drop of tomato chutney. Looked cute & adorable, it was crisp & very small.

Farmer’s Staple: Well, a half parantha was served with white butter. This was nice & flavorful.
Mushroom Chai: This was excellent! The lovely dried mushrooms are put in a cup, then a mushroom broth is poured on it with a little bit of truffle.
Galouti Kebab: Melt-in-mouth!! When looked first it looked like noodles, the lovely kebabs were served on a sheermal & tasted just fantastic.
Radhuni Sea Bass: One of the best things here. The soft Basa was coated in celery, radhuni & topped with fried pui saag. The Pui Saag gave the dish a lovely crisp texture.

All the non-veg dishes main course all really delicious. I loved the every bite of whatever I had. Morever, the wines were paired perfectly with every dish, be it the snacks or the main course or even the desserts.
Coming to desserts I loved Jalebi Caviar which had jalebi in boondi lie structure, it was crispy & delicious! Another winner for me was Chocolate Truffle served in a marvelous way & tasted excellent.

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