Easy Homemade Mango Ice-Cream Recipe

Easy Homemade Mango Ice-Cream Recipe

Mango Ice-Cream is something we can’t miss on specially in summers. Sharing an easy to make recipe using just 3 Ingredients. There is a small trick to make it more creamier & delicious.

How To Make Mango Ice-Cream

– 2 Fresh Mangoes
– 150 ml Fresh Cream (best to go with Amul Cream)
– 100 ml Condensed Milk

– Take a bowl, add fresh cream & whisk it to get a soft peak, more you whisk it, the more creamier your ice-cream will be.
– Add condensed milk & mix it properly.
– Add the Mango Puree to the mixture & mix it.
– You can add few chunks of mangoes, its optional.
– Transfer it into a tray & cover properly.
– Freeze it for atleast 10-12 hrs.
– Next day dip the ice-cream scooper into warm water to easily take out the scoop & enjoy.

Enjoy your Mango Ice-Cream with cake or with some tutti-frutti!

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