Mango: A Summer Fruit

Mango: A Summer Fruit

All our childhood we have been taught stating the importance of Mango as the national fruit of the country! Do they know the reason why is it called the “King of fruits”?The diverse variety of this fruit and it’s availability in all states is the reason.

So listed are the most famous mango varieties-

  • ALPHONSO (Season: May-June)

Alphonso is also called “Hapoo”. Prime producers are Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat. It contains vitamin K which makes bones stronger and vitamin A which keeps eyes fit. Also, it is the most expensive mango!

  • CHAUNSA (Season: July end – August)

The origin of this mango is from Multan, Punjab. It is considered to be the most aromatic mango due to its fragrance. It has low content of cholesterol and is rich in vitamin B6!

  • DASHERI (Season: June-July)

Uttar Pradesh is the prime producer of this type of mango. It’s specialty is that it is the most oldest of all, for around 200 years old! It has vitamin C & vitamin A which keeps the immune system regulated.

  • LANGRA (Season: Mid-July-August)

Its origin is from the mother tree of Varanasi.This mango has a very interesting name and the reason why this mango is called Langra(a person having one leg) is that the owners of the trees were very lame. .The size of the seed is small and oval in shape.

  • SAFEDA (Season: April-June)

The prime producer of Safeda is Andhra Pradesh! This is the only mango which stays in the market for more than a month. This is also known as ‘’Banganapali’. Its antioxidant compounds protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers.

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