Late Night Cravings Can Be Controlled By These Snacks

Late Night Cravings Can Be Controlled By These Snacks

Eating before going to bed may result in gaining weight. Sometimes the body craves late at night for something sweet and spicy due to low sugar level and lack of protein not only this reason there can be others too i.e., boredom and dehydration and the biggest reason for this is the irregular sleeping routine.

Here are some snacks which will help in controlling late night cravings.


Bananas are usually recommended to maintain health, but who knew that they can make one fall asleep easily. They are a good of tryptophan, a kind of amino acids and of carbs which make a person fall asleep a little quick.


This has been a good treatment for insomnia for a long time. Kids are usually told to have milk prior to sleep, it contains calcium which increases the production of tryptophan and causing them to fall asleep. Why honey? It contains glucose which relaxes your mind after such a tiring day.



Sometimes the body craves for something sweet or spicy things and these sort of cravings are hard to control. So almonds are here. A handful of almonds are sufficient to make you fall asleep. They are a good source of magnesium and tryptophan, relaxes the muscles, pace up the heartbeat and gradually putting a person to sleep.


Walnuts increase the production of serotonin, a chemical produces in the brain which wants you to sleep when required.



Almost every person knows that dark chocolate helps in reducing stress, right? If anyone is having trouble falling asleep at night then have a few pieces of it, resulting in body relaxation and then good night!


As oats contain a mixture of amino acids, potassium, vitamin B, magnesium and complex carbs that improves the sleeping pattern of any person.



Figs help in improving the sleeping pattern, fighting the late night cravings and too without putting on any weight. That’s healthy! Its magnesium content helps in fighting insomnia and cure the sleeping disorder.

These are some of the snacks which won’t even cost too much. If anyone is having trouble falling asleep, then try these methods, observe the changes and have a peaceful sleep.




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