Why to always burn a hole in your pocket when you can satisfy your taste buds with these appetizing street food?
Satya Niketan is superlative and one of the finest place to serve foodies. With chic cafes, the lanes of Satya are famous amongst the college students, especially South Campus.
Here are a few local food joints where you can enjoy common yet delectable in its own style street food.

Gravy Momos

Mom Hand Momos

Are you from South Campus and not heard about him? The momos wale bhaiya?
Mom hand momos serves the best amongst all snacks available in Satya! Yes right! YUMMY YUMMY MOMO’S!
About a year ago, he had a very small stall. All thanks to South campus students, as now, he owns a shop for a horde of his customers.
He serves some of the best momos with really delicious paneer, soya, veggie and chicken fillings.
Amongst all the momos he serves, his Gravy momos are the best. Perfectly cooked, little crispy, tender & beautifully laced in gravy makes it one of the best momos here. Try all of its type because each is best in its own way!
Chinese dishes are also his speciality because of good quantity with minimum prices.

Must try :
Veg- Soya Gravy momos (Cost : Rs. 50)
Non veg – Chicken Gravy mimps (Cost : Rs. 60)

Mexican Maggie

Kev’s Maggie Point

Momo’s are 1st love! Maggie is just a step behind. Wish to fill your tummy after a plate of momos? Head towards Kev’s, Satya Niketan now!
Kev’s is one of the oldest place in Satya. Even without any seating arrangement, the place is always crowded.
The varied flavours of Maggie they offer are the most demanding. Choose from more than 20 flavours of steaming hot Maggie and pair it up with a creamy shake or a refreshing lemonade for a perfect street treat.
Mexican Maggie is one of the best to try. A bit towards a sweet tingling flavour initially and then a burst of spices in your mouth, this flavour is amongst the most loved one.
Cheese and Pepper is exemplary to the typical home cooked cheese Maggie.
Punjabi Tadka is for the ones who are ready to take that Punjabi Bomb on their taste buds. They even offer you variety of Sandwiches to choose from. Do try their Chocolate brownie (especially with Ice cream)

Must try :
Mexican Maggie, Punjabi Tadka, Italian Maggie (Cost : Rs 40 each)
Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream (Cost : Rs.80)


Chowringhee, Shop No. 9, dearest and nearest to all Kathi roll and tandoori momos lovers. There are multiple outlets of Chowringhee in Delhi, Satya being the best. The rolls outlet specializes only in rolls, with unique & different type of fillings. Ranging from mix veg to Honey Chilly Potato Roll, Manchurian roll and double seekh egg roll.
Chowringhee’s restaurant can be one of the best to dwell for Indian cuisine. Their tandoori momos are the best eats around the streets of Satya.
Tastefully cooked with excotic Indian spices, they go perfect with mint chutney and Mayo served separately. Afghani momos are not to be missed. Extremely creamy and smoked to perfection!

Go, get a real bargain on the streets of Satya Niketan and give a blow to your hunger pangs, inexpensively. Thank us later! ?

Writer: Nimisha Dutta

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