Junglee Billee: A Café For Divas

Junglee Billee: A Café For Divas

Junglee Billee is a strikingly admirable and enticing restaurant & bar in Greater Kailash.

And the most interesting part is that, the name, ‘Junglee Billee’ is quite opposite to the place. It is a classy dinning place dedicated to divas of the modern world.

This boutique-studio-in-bar is a stylized designer eatery, which has been designed by the famous designer Nida Mahmood.

This is a Mumbai based café, especially dedicated to the lovely ladies as its entire interior has a feminist touch.

The interior of the place is pretty, quirky with pictures of bollywood actresses from 70-80’s era framed on the walls.

You will also find some of the most beautiful vintage decors like typewriters, binoculars, vintage fans etc.

Their menu mainly consists of Maharastrian & Gujarati Cuisine and offers an interesting mix of fusion dishes.

For example, their Chinese Dosa is a ‘Mumbai special’ Schezwan sauce and cheese stuffed dosa.

Their Khandvi Chaat shows a different side of the famous Gujarati snack, then, Vitamin Kurmure Bhel, the regular Bhel Puri fusioned with fresh fruits giving a zingy tone.

For main course, their rose water Infused rice and nuts and berry, ‘Iranian Berry Pulao’ is lovely.

But the show stealer was Sanju baba chicken, which had delectable flavors and cooked with perfection.

Their desserts Bombay Mava Cheesecake and gooey Caramel Custard are must try.

Overall the food was delicious with a friendly service and a great ambiance.


  1. Khandvi Chaat
  2. Sanju Baba Chicken
  3. Iranian Berry Pulao
  4. Caramel Custard

RATINGS: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4.5/5


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