How Momos Are Different From Dim sums?

How Momos Are Different From Dim sums?

Everyone loves fast food. There are some of them which seem to be similar but are not. Let’s take an example of momos and dim sums. They are different from each other in tradition and ingredients.

Dim sum is a Chinese dish meaning ‘close to heart’. These are a bite sized portion of food considered as a companion with tea. Momos are Tibetan food served hot with some chilly sauce.


Momos are limited to be steamed and stuffing inside. On the other hands, Dim sums are having numerous variety of around 2000 types. Food like chicken feet, lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice, even sweet dishes like egg tarts and custard buns are included in the Dim sum. Momos are made from refined flour and Dim sums can be made from any kind of starch. Momos can be found on street stalls anywhere but Dim Sums are considered to be a proper dining affair. So, no stalls can be found in the streets.

Now you know the difference between Momos and Dim sums. Next time don’t get yourself confuse with these items. 🙂


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