Dips: A Best Companion For Chips

Dips: A Best Companion For Chips
Creamy, fluffy, smooth dip can make anyone fall in love with it. It can make any food taste best. If anyone out there is having a blast this weekend then this article is a must check.
A European plant with thistle-like flower heads. The Globe Artichoke also is known to be “French Artichoke” and “Green Artichoke” having around 140 types or more but not more than 40 are grown commercially.
This dip is best with tortilla chips and crackers.
A dip made from mashed avocados with tomatoes, onions and seasonings. Guacamole was first introduced on the 1300s but today there is some twist in the ingredients like it is also made with cilantro, lime or garlic sometimes. It tastes good with baby carrots, eggs and if you want something unique with it then must try it tequila. All the best.
A Dip made from ground chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic. It is high in fibre and proteins and in complex carbs too which satisfies your cravings. This dip is good with carrots and veggies and a regular serving in the Middle East.
An Italian Cheese with aa quite milky flavour. Ricotta is fluffy and creamy cheese. Easy to bake. A satisfying thing for cheese lovers. It is the best crunchy toasted bread.
Creamy dip made with sweet caramelized onions. Finding something French for your platter, then give this dip a try. Make your favourite chips a good taste with this dip.
These are some tips which can make your platter more delicious. If you want to make your party talk of the night, then definitely serve these dips and you won’t find it the next moment. 😉

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