Chinese Chef Selling Bhaturas As Scallion Bubble Pancakes

Chinese Chef Selling Bhaturas As Scallion Bubble Pancakes

India is the land of cultures and traditions. Recently, Indian delicacies have been gaining a lot of attention internationally as well but positives and negatives go hand in hand. There has been a lot of buzz about this Chinese chef selling our desi delicacy as scallion bubble pancakes calling it his new idea.

Yes, you read that right. A Chinese chef, Peter chang have taken our very famous desi delight to some international fancy food level. He claims it to be his new preparation and calls it ‘scallion bubble pancakes’. Peter Chang started selling this in his restaurant Q in the U.S. and have grabbed a lot of attention through our evergreen chhole bhature without giving us any credit for the same. Indian chefs are offended by this and a lot of trolls are being made on social media regarding Peter Chang’s scallion bubble pancakes.

First the zara lungi and then our bhature being called as some videshi fancy delicacy, the craze for desi stuff is increasing day by day, huh?


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