Behrouz Biryani : Delivers Delicious Hot Biryani At Your Doorstep

Behrouz Biryani : Delivers Delicious Hot Biryani At Your Doorstep

Behrouz Biryani delivers some delicious varieties of Biryani in Delhi/NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad. It has outlets in various other cities, too.
They offer different Biryanis including Murgh tikka Biryani, murgh makhni Biryani, vegetable Biryani and so on.
According to the website of Behrouz Biryani, the traditional Biryani recipe was lost when King Cyrus laid siege to the city of Behrouz and was only recently unearthed by Sir James Casily.
And this is how Behrouz Biryani was introduced. So, recently I ordered Biryani from here which was delivered on time in a box; packed nicely and the best part was that the Biryani was hot.


I had Lazeez Bhunna Murg Biryani which came with a portion of saalan and mint raita. Biryani had two good fleshy pieces of Chicken. Biryani was tasteful and cooked perfectly, but I felt it tasted a lot more like Pulao than Biryani. The curd was nice but the salan wasn’t very good and tasted a bit bitter.
The quantity was enough for 1 person but if you are planning to order for a large group of people see the options for Biryani by the kilo.

RATINGS: 4.0/5

1. Food: 4/5
2. Service: 4.5/5


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