Beauty Benefits Of Honey & Curd

Beauty Benefits Of Honey & Curd

Honey and curd are suggested to be the best for health. What if you get to know that they are equally beneficial for skin too.  Here are the reasons, How?


One should use honey to treat their wounds, doesn’t matter whether it is a minor cut or a burn. The thick texture forms a thick layer around the wound, eliminating the foreign elements from entering in and heals faster than anything else.

Just dab some honey on the cuticle and you are good to go. Eliminate those expensive cuticle creams, which you have to find according to your skin type. Honey suits every skin type.


  • Mix some rose water and turmeric accordingly to curd and massage it all over your face and even use it as a body scrub. Turmeric will eliminate further breakouts and rose water will give your skin a velvety smoothness.
  • Mix oats accordingly to curd and massage it all over your body and you are good to go. Oats will act as a scrub to your skin and that too natural. So, what to worry about? 😉
  • Just use honey as your face mask, it will gradually soak away that pimple-causing bacteria from the skin.
    Mix 2 tbsp of besan and curd accordingly for an acne free skin.
  • Either mix required an amount of honey with your regular face mask or mix it with some water and gently rub it on the face for pimple free skin.
  • Just apply some curd on the face and neck as your face mask daily. Now, no more thinking about those sunscreens and what SPF to go for.
  • Honey’s moisturizing properties will give your lips a smooth and shiny texture. Use it as a scrub too mixing it with some brown sugar. You are ready to flaunt those luscious lips


  • Mix some fenugreek seeds in the curd and massage it on the scalp. Leave it on for about 45 minutes. It is good for reducing hair-fall.
  • Have dry scalp then try this mask. Some curd with some drops of lemon juice accordingly, leave it on for half an hour and you are good to go. If curd doesn’t suit you, then replace it with coconut oil or sunflower oil. Leave it on for an hour or two.
  • Make a mask for your hair by mixing honey, apple cider vinegar and water, protect your hair from dryness and you won’t have that frizzy hair anymore.

These are some home remedies which can be used anytime and you will end up with satisfying results. Forget those expensive crèmes and treatments for your skin and hair. Go for these and save your money. 😉


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