Aslam Chicken Corner: A Place Of Bliss For Non-Veg Lovers

Aslam Chicken Corner: A Place Of Bliss For Non-Veg Lovers

Are you someone who just can’t live without eating chicken and has possibly been to every place famous for non-veg, so here is one place which is a must visit if you are someone who lives for delicious non-veg food.

Jama masjid is very well known for it’s mouthwatering delicacies. Aslam chicken corner is one of the gems in jama masjid serving possibly the most scrumptious non-veg food in town. People legit have to wait in long queues just to grab a bite but, it’s worth every penny and time spent.

They are very famous for their butter chicken. The chicken is first cooked in a tandoor to give a smokey flavor and later is dipped in a creamy gravy. The drool worthy taste comes from the adequate amount of spices and butter they bath the chicken in. The kebabs here are a must try too. They are very tender and melts in the mouth leaving you blissful and your mouth full of succulent flavors. Both of the items are served with rumali roti and onions dipped in a tangy mint chutney.

So, to give a treat to your palate and bliss to your soul do pay a visit to aslam chicken corner.


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