The Lady Who Is Dating Food

Hello readers,

I’m Nikita Varma a Delhi based Food blogger and I am enjoying my love affair with food.

Iamdatingfood is a place where I share my experiences about the sinful food dates. Every time I go out on a date, I try to explore food from different places & regions. Over recent years, different cuisines have taken on a new popularity in India. And this is something which really excites me, as I love trying new cuisines.

Well, earlier I was just a foodie who used to love scrolling through food pictures on the social media. Yes, the majority of my Instagram used to be full of food images. Then I casually started uploading food pictures to show my love for food and suddenly started gaining followers.

And this was when iamdatingfood originated out of that sheer excitement and joy. Since then I have been loving my every food date.

Why I Am Dating Food?

‘iamdatingfood’ firmly believes that “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

In most cultures, in fact especially in Indian culture, food is a way for people to gather. Just like the lovely family dinner tables, which bring people even closer.
Cozy evenings, lavish dinner & interesting conversations, just goes perfect!

There is one more major reason that, why am I dating food. Food is that one thing which never leaves me alone. When I am happy I eat Spicy food, when I feel weak & sick I go on eating raw fruits, salads and healthy desserts.

Just like the best of relationships, food can make me feel fabulous and better yet and helps me to look fabulous too.


Nikita Varma
Food Blogger – I am dating food

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