A Pair Of Japanese Melons Sold For $29,000

A Pair Of Japanese Melons Sold For $29,000

What time is it? Well it’s the time of summers, the season of juicy and scummy fruits. The most delightful fruits in summers are the fruits like watermelons and muskmelons. Coming back home to a plate full of these refreshing fruits is what we all crave for as it energizes us from the inside out and people usually keep these seasonal delicacies stacked in their refrigerators but, have you ever heard of a melon sold in lakhs?

“Japanese melons sold for $29000 in japan”. This recently became the most talked about headline and shocked everyone. A pair of Japanese melons were sold for $29,000 in an auction.

In the last week of May the president of a food and vegetables company in japan bid in an auction for the season’s first grown melons in yubari. Yubari is well known for growing melons. The melons were sold for ¥3.2 million which is approximately $29,000. The president of the company Hokuyu Pack, Shiniya Noda said that he wanted to set a record breaking bid for celebrating 30 years of his company’s establishment. The melons were bought as a summer gift for Hokuyu Pack’s customers, clients and employees.

It is decided that the record breaking melons will be displayed till the end of the month and after that will be cut and distributed amongst everyone.

It is the time when we get shocking yet interesting news from around the world every second day, but two melons auctioned for such a huge amount can be one of the most surprising one’s. Wondering how different these melons would taste? 😛

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