6 Everyday Super Healthy Food

6 Everyday Super Healthy Food

Everyone today is health and physique conscious. So, the thing which strikes their mind is EXERCISE! Yes, exercise helps our body to stay in shape but you need to have an appropriate diet too. Here are some superfood listed below. Give them a try AND REMAIN IN SHAPE!


Berries play a major role in shaping our body. They are rich in fibre which keeps the digestive system fit, good for the heart and is best for the waistline. Mix all berries together and stay fit.


Eggs are a very common and rich source of protein. Old aged people usually suffer from partial blindness or cataract and you can save yourself from these if you intake an egg each day. Its yolk contains the antioxidants which are responsible for healthy eyes. Not only this but it also protects your skin from getting affected by UV rays. Nobody wants an uneven tan, right? So, go for it.


Nuts are trusted by every generation. Why not? They can cure many health problems. They help to keep your insulin balanced and helps in reducing inflammation in your body which may lead to cancer. You just need a hand full of nuts daily and you’ll notice the reduction in your health problems.



An orange a day is all you need. It contains fibre which keeps your gut movement smooth and vitamin C which is beneficial as it helps in producing white blood cells, antibodies to fight against infections and skin-firming collagen.


Tea has become an essential element of the day. Most people don’t start their day without tea. Well, it is beneficial. Here are the reasons. Having tea regularly can reduce the risk of having Alzheimer, diabetes or some cancers. It does not only focus on the health but on your teeth, gums and bones too. If you are habitual to store a batch of ice tea in your refrigerator just squeeze some lemon in it for some taste. Taste plus benefits, great deal! Agreed?


Tomatoes are the saviour. They can decrease the risk of cancer in bladder, skin, lung prostate and stomach because of lycopene. It can be easily absorbed by our body. 22mg of lycopene ( 8 tomatoes ) or a glass of tomato juice can work pretty well!


These are some easy to get superfoods, which one can have any time. Just forget all those alternatives, opt for them and results will be satisfying for sure!

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