5 Must Know Benefits Of Facial Steaming

5 Must Know Benefits Of Facial Steaming

People obsess over a glowing and healthy skin but one’s hectic schedule and busy lifestyle just allow to rely on chemical based products in the market which claim to be great for the skin in short run but can cause harm in the long run due to high amount of chemicals in them. Our dadi nani and even moms have that glow and on their faces indicating their healthy skin. The reason behind such a gorgeous skin is nothing but the ghar ke nuskhe, and one of the best is facial steaming. Not only it is healthy for the skin but has various other benefits too.


Facial steam opens up the pores resulting in the free flow of natural oil in the skin. People with oily skin tend to use a lot of oil control creams and face wash which results in removing the natural oil with the excessive oils. This makes the skin dull and unhealthy. Steaming helps in keeping the natural oil intact and removing excess oil.


When dust and pollution enters the skin they get stuck in it and turn into blackheads. Blackheads are very common among-st people these days, mainly because of the polluted atmosphere. These little black demons are not only disturbing to look at but are very painful to remove. Facial steam helps the pores to open making it easy for the blackheads to release.


Facial stem helps in improving the blood circulation in one’s face which also results in removing the dead skin and thus makes the skin look younger. So don’t run for those expensive anti-aging creams in the market, just pick up that towel, and steam up your face. 😛


If you are dealing with the problem of sinusitis, there is a 99% chance that your doctor must have suggested you to constantly do facial steaming because it is very effective for sinusitis. Even at the time of blocked nose or sore throat steaming works wonders as it kills the bacteria causing nose congestion and pain in the throat.


Steaming helps in relaxation. A tiring day can be best treated by taking up a steaming sesh followed by a 40 minutes nap.

To make the facial steaming session more effective, one can add some essential oils or herbs in the boiled water. Peppermint oil works wonder at the time of headaches and nasal congestion.

So, pamper your skin by the natural and chemical free ways, there are 1000’s. 😉 but for now, steam it up 😛


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