5 Hidden Gems In Chandini Chowk

5 Hidden Gems In Chandini Chowk
Japani Samosa


Japani Samosa is a 60 layer of thin crust samosa which is filled with a little spicy mixture of peas and boiled potato.
Well, this surely doesn’t look like a samosa, though the ingredients are the same as used in a samosa. It’s not spicy, hence, served with pindi chole & pickle.

ADDRESS: Manohar Dhaba,
Reach Chawari Bazaar first, it is located in a street near SBI Bank which is on the main road near Gurudwara.
PRICE: Rs 40

Fruit Sandwich

The Jain Coffee House

A healthy and delicious way to start your day with refreshing fruits sandwiches you can find in Old Delhi. Choose your favorite fruit and get your customized Sandwich done at Jain Coffee House located in Chawari Bazaar
Here you can choose your fruits from pineapple, chiku (sapota), apple, bananas and grapes depending on the season. They also serve toasted sandwiches, filled with cucumber and tomato slices and are layered with cottage cheese and butter.

ADDRESS: Jain Coffee House, Near PNB ATM, Chawari Bazaar
PRICE: Range Rs.100-150
Kuremal Kulfiwala

Kuremal Kulfiwala is an 100 year old shop which serves the stuffed kulfi. It is a real fruit, the maker uses the pulp itself in the making of the kulfi, and later he adds the content back into the fruit and leaves it to set. You can pick from Mango, Orange, Pomegranate & Apple.
The shopkeeper serves it by cutting the whole fruit as shown in the picture.

ADDRESS: Chawari Bazaar, Near Metro Station Gate no. 3
PRICE: Rs. 200

Kulle Ki Chaat

Heera Lal’s Kulle Chaat

Yes, chaats can be healthy & very refreshing also! This chaat is totally unlike any other fruit experience you’ll have. Heera Lal’s Kulle Chaat serves this fruit chaat with with light spices. The flesh of whole boiled sweet potato /tomato /cucumber/apple is scooped out with a knife and is filled with the ensuing void with delicious stuffing.

ADDRESS: Heera Lal Chaat Wala, Chawari Bazaar
PRICE: Rs 100

Daulat Ki Chaat

Daulat Ki Chaat


Winters are all about the famous ‘Daulat Ki Chaat’. It is a concoction that involves milk and cream. It is made by churning milk for atleast 4 hours, then it’s left outside all night in the presence of dew drops. You can find many stalls selling these beauties in Paranthe Waali Gali, Chandini Chowk, you can find them in Kinari Bazaar also, just adjacent to it.

Daulat Ki Chaat, Kinari Bazaar, Old Delhi
PRICE: Rs. 50


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