5 Best Places in Chandni Chowk for Breakfast

5 Best Places in Chandni Chowk for Breakfast
1. Shyam Sweets
This 90 year old establishment is renowned for its Nagori Halwa & Desi Bedmi (mind it these are available only for breakfast). Nagori is a crispy, puri made with suji and ghee, served with aloo sabzi and halwa. The place is situated in typical interiors of the interiors of Delhi. You will be a ‘Shyam wale ki bedmi’ fan if you arent yet. And yes, do try a glass of thick, creamy lassi served in an earthen cup.Price: Rs.150
Time: 8am-11am2. J.B Kachori Wala
Started in 1940 and located in the narrow gallis of Kinari Bazaar, Jung Bahadur Kachori wala serves the hottest aloo sabzi. The Urad Daal Kachoris are their forte. These are mouth watering kachoris that will leave you spellbound for a minute when you see them. They are so tempting. To add to it, the combo is topped with coriander & chillies to make it extra spicy.

Price: Rs. 35
Time: 10:30am – 7:30pm

3. Lotan K Chole Kulche
You hear the name and your mind recollects a plethora of spices, aroma and amazing flavours that this 4th generation run roadside franchise of unbeatable ‘chhole chulke wala’ in town has to offer. The ‘chhole’ are prepared in a large cauldron with enormous amchoor powder, spices, chillies and a red curry of boiled potatoes that gives it its best touch. If you are a spicy food fanatic, then this is your place to be, my friend. This very cheap yet very comforting breakfast therapy is served hot, garnished with coriander, white radish, ginger & a dollap of butter. A friendly advice: Do carry a water bottle with you. I bet you will need it desperately. *wink*Price: Rs.40
Time: 7:30 am – 10:30am

4. Jain Coffee House
This eatery has garnered immense praise and popularity for its fruit sandwiches. The alluring sandwich can be layered with any seasonal fruit of your choice, mango, litchi, cheeku, pineapple, etc. The homemade cottage cheese is a special ingredient that makes this sandwich completely drool worthy. Perfect to kick start your day with.Fruit Sandwich :Rs. 100

5. Giani Di Hatti
It was established in 1951 and has been serving a wide variety of food and desserts. The lickilicious Rabri Falooda (a sweet concoction of the thick rabri, crushed ice and falooda) is a must try. Indeed one of the best desserts. Delicious!
For a perfect breakfast, Chole Bhature is just the right choice. What makes them special is that they are fresh & spicy and also have pieces of boiled potatoes in it.

Chole Bhature: Rs.80
Rabri Falooda: Rs.70

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