5 Best Monsoon Delights

5 Best Monsoon Delights


This deep fried stuffed delicacy is one of the favorites when it comes to snacking. Sitting in the gallery, with a samosa dipped in the tangy red chutney is something that gives complete satisfaction to the soul. Monsoon though! <3


From aalo to gobhi to paneer to methi, absolutely any veggie can be enjoyed when it is turned into a pakoda. Again, this deep fried snack is the one which is enjoyed the most in this season. Just imagine sitting near the window with a plate full of pakodas and some tangy chutney. Mouthwatering?


I mean, fried things are like a compliment to monsoon, without them it is incomplete, which brings the third snack i.e. tikki chaat onto the list of monsoon delights. It is like a hash brown but an indian style hash brown, made with potato and a bunch of spices topped with some chutneys, yogurt and some onion chunks. Priorities sorted! 😛


Well, bored of fried stuff, then hop onto a plate of hot steamed momos with the spicy red sauce and some mayo. Momos can never go wrong, and nowadays, there is an array to choose from steamed to fried to tandoori to even gravy. Thinking of running to your momos vaale bhaiya? 😉 Don’t wait!


Bhelpuri is another scummy yet healthy snack to go for. It is a delicious Indian snack made from puffed rice and tangy tamarind chutney. There are no hard and fast rules as to what to add in your bhelpuri, people add various Indian spices, onion and potato chunks, mint and many other things . It is like a burst of flavors in the mouth when one takes a bite. Heavy cravings!


Apart from all these there are many other snacks like parantha which is a stuffed indian bread, kachodi etc. which people enjoy in this season.

Sitting outside, listening to that sound of the raindrops followed by that amazing earthy smell and some delicious snacks is what one think’s of when it comes to monsoon. Right?

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